Monday, June 14, 2021

How to uninstall or disable McAfee WebAdvisor?

Follow the means underneath to reinstall/uninstall McAfee WebAdvisor from your Windows or Mac PC. 

NOTE: WebAdvisor is viable with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Be that as it may if your PC is running on Windows Vista or XP, rather than WebAdvisor, McAfee SiteAdvisor will get introduced. 

Here are ways by which you can introduce McAfee WebAdvisor and SiteAdvisor: 

  • Through an independent application, or 
  • Through an incorporated part of McAfee Windows security item.

In the event that you just wish to inactivate your insurance for a brief time, utilize the primary choice, which debilitates the program add-on without uninstalling the program.

On Chrome 

  1. Open the Chrome program. 
  2. Select the menu symbol on the upper right corner (addressed as three spots stacked one on the other). 
  3. Click on More Tools, and afterward, click on Extensions. 
  4. Debilitate the checkmark present close to the McAfee SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor. 

By means of Internet Explorer 

  1. Open the Internet Explorer tab. 
  2. Click on the 'Instruments' menu. 
  3. Select 'Oversee Add-ons'. 
  4. Pick the McAfee SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor add-on, and then snap on Disable. 

While utilizing Firefox 

  • Open the Firefox tab. 
  • Click on the stacked menu symbol present in the upper right corner. 
  • Select Add-ons. 
  • Click on Disable present next to McAfee SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor.
Removing McAfee WebAdvisor / SiteAdvisor (standalone)

Subsequent to following the means referenced above, guarantee that you introduce your item again when you can to stay ensured. For that, look at the 'Related Information' area given beneath. 

Uninstalling McAfee WebAdvisor from Windows
  • First and foremost, close all presently running internet browsers. 
  • Then, click on the 'Start button present on the base left of your Windows work area. 
  • Type 'control board' in the inquiry box and press 'Enter'. 
In the Control Panel: 

  • Double-tap on the 'Projects and Features' tab or the 'Add/Remove Programs' tab 
  • Select the 'McAfee SiteAdvisor' or 'McAfee WebAdvisor' from the projects list. 
  • Click on the Uninstall/Change' or 'Eliminate' button. 
  • At long last, restart your PC.
Uninstalling McAfee WebAdvisor from Mac

Do take note of: The independent release of McAfee WebAdvisor viable for Mac doesn't exist anymore. Macintosh viable WebAdvisor is presently a totally in-assembled highlight of 'McAfee LiveSafe', so uninstalling it would require eliminating the LiveSafe also. Be that as it may, in its place, you can do the accompanying all things being equal: 
  • First and foremost, open LiveSafe for Mac. 
  • Then, click on 'Character'. 
  • Click on the 'McAfee WebAdvisor' present on the left sheet. 
  • Presently, click on the 'lock' to roll out the important improvements. Enter your secret word when provoked. 
  • Click on the flip change present in the upper right corner to impair WebAdvisor. 
  • In conclusion, click on 'lock' for all-time saves everything changes done.
How to uninstall McAfee WebAdvisor or SiteAdvisor that is a part of your security product

Subsequent to following the means given beneath, guarantee that you introduce your item when you can generally to stay ensured. 

Uninstalling from Windows 
  • Close all effectively running internet browsers. 
  • Snap-on 'Start' on the base left of your Windows work area. 
In the pursuit box: 
  • Type incontrol board' and press 'Enter'. 
  • In the Control Panel: 
  • Double-tap on 'Add/Remove Programs' or 'Projects and Features'. 
  • Pick or McAfee SiteAdvisor from the rundown that follows. 
  • Click on Uninstall/Change' or 'Eliminate'. 
  • As the brief shows up, tick just the checkbox present close to the McAfee WebAdvisor or SiteAdvisor 
  • Click on 'Uninstall' or 'Eliminate'. 
  • Restart your device.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Is McAfee Safe Connect an antivirus product?

McAfee Safe Connect is not an antivirus product. It does not protect and scan your devices from malware and viruses. For antivirus protection, you can alternatively consider installing one of other products, like LiveSafe or Total Protection.

Does McAfee Safe Connect stop internet browsers or other apps from logging in? What should you do?

A VPN doesn't prevent your device's different applications from functioning as expected. For example: 

  • Your web program will keep on following your perusing exercises, and stores reserved information when McAfee Safe Connect is on. 
  • Your device's record-sharing applications keep on logging associations as documents are transferred or downloaded. 

NOTE: You can prevent your program from catching this kind of information by changing to a cryptic 'in secret mode.

Why should you install McAfee Safe Connect?

If you utilize public Wi-Fi for your device in places like airports and coffee shops, you stand vulnerable to several threats like password ‘cracking’ and ‘middlemen’ attacks. Hackers employ such attacks to ‘tune in’ to all the connections made to a public Wi-Fi source. They try to pinch off your private data. Private data includes sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details, and bank details.

For plugging such theft right from the source, McAfee Safe Connect encrypts all your virtual data for making it cyber-attack-proof. This security measure could translate to cybercriminals' inability at tracking your online activity or capture your private information.

Which devices can McAfee Safe Connect support?

  • Android
    • Devices running Android 4.4 and later
    • The device must not have root access.
  • iOS
    • Devices running iOS 9.0 and later
    • The device must not have a jailbreaking facility.
  • Windows
    • Windows 8.x, 10.x

McAfee VPN products’ Virtual Locations enable you to access geo-restricted information.

McAfee VPN products come with:

  • or iOS, Windows, and Android: McAfee Safe Connect.
  • In McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe: McAfee VPN.
  • McAfee Wi-Fi Guard: McAfee Mobile Security for iOS and Android
  • McAfee Security – the new privacy and security app from McAfee

For instance, depending on your geographical location, the accessibility of country A’s content may differ in Country B. However, with McAfee’s VPN products, you can conceal your virtual location to appear as if you are operating your device in Country A. Thus, you can now access the website you previously could not view.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2021

    Is there Malware hidden in your WhatsApp application?

    Despite the number of wars these Smartphone brands have been associated with, there is no denying the way that Android is as yet the most utilized working framework across the globe. Its availability, convenience, and cost-viability settle on it an extremely famous decision among retailers and clients the same, and obviously, they are accomplishing something right considering they have over 2.5 billion dynamic clients every month overall. in any case, as prevalence expands portable security hazards likewise increment most basic is WhatsApp malware in WhatsApp application. Mcafee gives an answer for this issue, you can essentially download from McAfee's true site. 

    The Android brand proceeds to develop and advance even today; extending its tasks and fusing significantly more highlights and capacities into the working framework. In any case, while the expanding notoriety looks good for the brand, it additionally puts them in huge danger. With a high number of normal month-to-month clients, programmers as a rule go to misuse weaknesses in Android cell phones and gadgets. Because of these hacking endeavors, more than 25 million android telephones and gadgets were left in a trading-off position simply a year ago in 2019 when malware shrouded itself in the WhatsApp application and was found all in all too late.

    How did this hidden WhatsApp malware work?

    If the user were to download an unsafe application or tool from the Play Store that was laced with this malware, it would attach itself to the system by disguising it as a Google update tool that, on first look, would not look suspicious. Since there would be no update notification on the screen, the phone user would have no idea about this hidden malware. After the malware has installed itself completely, it will usually replace the actual, authentic Whatsapp application on your phone. To Get Secure visit

    WhatsApp is arguably the internet’s most commonly and frequently used communication tool. Even if you use it every day, you may be oblivious to the fact that anything has changed- except for the fact that you will start receiving bad advertisements when you use WhatsApp. This is not just limited to WhatsApp, it could extend to any other application on your phone. The aim of the hackers is to make you click on these ads so they can generate revenue from your clicks. Due to the silent and stealthy nature of this hidden WhatsApp malware, it is also sometimes referred to as Agent Smith.

    Protecting your phone from such Malware

    To ensure that you don't succumb to this covered-up malware, consistently be keeping watch for weird advertisements or movement on your WhatsApp application. Try not to download any dubious application from the Play Store and uninstall any ill-conceived ones that you have effectively downloaded. Another incredible method to guard your information is to put resources into antivirus and antimalware arrangements like McAfee antivirus Mobile Security that will keep your Android cell phone shielded from such dangers.

    Thursday, March 18, 2021

    What Are McAfee LiveSafe Features And Installation?

    McAfee is among the very well-known services as soon as it has to do with the security of one's professional and personal apparatus. supplies quite a few unique applications and programs, each one of which features a multitude of special features that required to allow for your own online and nearby security demands for the personal computer and other apparatus. One of the items is mc-afee LiveSafe 20 20 Setup a remarkably common option for holistic, allencompassing digital security. To Mc-afee LiveSafe download see Mc-afee LiveSafe Publish Site.

    What Features Establish Mc-afee LiveSafe Setup Besides the Competition?

    The main reason mc-afee LiveSafe installment is this kind of respected security app is the fact that it unites crucial safety tools together with privacy-enhancing, individuality, and maximizing features.


    A solid, solid firewall retains all sorts of snoopers out.

    A password manager makes it possible to produce passwords that are searchable and keeps them protected from two-factor authentication.

    Anti-malware anti-virus has quite good anti virus and anti virus protection against the kind of Trojans, spyware, key loggers, etc..

    Wi Fi Protection

    Mc-afee LiveSafe trigger keeps you safe in some other efforts to steal your own computer data over public WiFi relations by protecting your apparatus and concealing your individuality, putting your computer data behind a wall of encryption.

    Mail Protection

    LiveSafe additionally keeps your email space safe by utilizing anti virus filters along with AntiPhishing approaches to keep away the scammers.

    Social Media Marketing Protection

    In addition, mc-afee LiveSafe 20 20 tracks your internet actions and keeps your societal networking reports safe from some other breaking-in efforts too.

    Back upward

    The Way to Install McAfee LiveSafe in Your Own Personal Computer?

    Uninstall every additional security applications you may possibly have pre-installed in your own system before trying to mc-afee LiveSafe Install.

    • Head to the Mc-afee trigger site and find the Mc-afee LiveSafe download.
    • You could purchase a subscription on the web or find yourself a retail card by a shop close your self.
    • Input the 25 digit product key in your own retail card and then Submit it.
    • Log to your Mc-afee account.
    • Follow the on screen directions and await this procedure to finish.

    Thursday, February 25, 2021

    What to Do When McAfee Scanning Is Not Working

    In our current reality where cybercrimes are ceaselessly on the ascent and insurance of information from online dangers has become the main worry for all innovation clients, easygoing or something else, a solid antivirus program has become an unquestionable requirement have. McAfee Antivirus is one of the main security suppliers with regards to online insurance and wellbeing against programmers and a wide range of online dangers, for example, infections, malware, Trojans, keyloggers, etc. Be that as it may, what you will do you McAfee examining isn't working? Once in a while McAfee infection check isn't working, in the circumstance, you need to follow underneath notice steps to defeat these circumstances. Antivirus ensures your PC and other cell phones from these dangers by outfitting them with various defensive highlights, including a strong firewall, against malware, and hostile to phishing highlights, internet checking, just as continuous filtering. Intermittent sweeps are run consequently by the program and you can likewise get to the McAfee activate application on your framework to run an output physically. However, as is valid with anything, there is a likelihood that you may experience some incidental difficulty when attempting to run output with McAfee Antivirus. So how would you be able to respond if your McAfee checking is essentially not working?

    Dealing With Nonfunctional McAfee Scanning

    There are numerous reasons why you might be confronting issues with the McAfee examine highlight, incorporating issues with refreshing, PC execution, just as an establishment. Following are a portion of the procedures you can attempt to get the examining highlight to deal with your PC:

    Restart Your Computer

    This may sound dull, however, most specialized issues related to PCs are addressed with this straightforward procedure. The primary thing you ought to do is give your PC a reboot and run a McAfee infection filter again to check whether it works this time.

    Reinstall McAfee Antivirus Program

    Now and again this issue endures if there was an issue during the establishment of the program. To fix this, you need to eliminate and reinstall your item:

    • From the Control Panel, go to Programs and Features. 
    • Discover McAfee Antivirus and Uninstall it. 
    • Access your record from the site and Click-on Install on the applicable membership.
    Check Your Internet Connection

    Ensure your web is associated and the speed is respectable for the McAfee scanning to be run. You can likewise reboot your modem to fix the association.

    Check Your Updates

    Continuously ensure that you are utilizing the most recent variant of the antivirus programming as there might be a few bugs with the bygone one. Likewise, guarantee that your Windows is state-of-the-art.

    Friday, February 5, 2021

    How to Know “When Does My McAfee Subscription Expire”?

    Countless people the whole way across the world settle on McAfee Antivirus as their antivirus solution. The motivation behind why McAfee programming is particularly famous and every now and again utilized antivirus solution is that it is a sweeping arrangement that offers an assortment of instruments and highlights that consider every contingency, giving you comprehensive and impervious advanced and online insurance. This McAfee Subscription Expire can be fixed by the McAfee subscription repair tool, you can without much of a stretch discover at the McAfee programming site. 

    In the event that you are a client of any McAfee enact item, for example, Total Protection or McAfee LiveSafe, one thing you should monitor consistently is the point at which your Subscription is set to terminate. In an ideal circumstance, you ought to restore and enact your membership before your last one terminates. Thusly, there is no window period where your framework is unprotected and powerless against hacking endeavors.

    Steps to check McAfee subscription

    So how precisely would you be able to know when your McAfee subscription is set to terminate? Here is a manual to assist you with getting that data easily so you can generally keep your framework shielded from all on the web and neighborhood dangers:

    Check on your PC

    • The absolute first thing you need to do is to confirm your subscription on your PC. 
    • To do this, you need to dispatch the application on your PC by tapping on the symbol in your Taskbar plate. 
    • Find and click on the alternative that says Verify Subscription. 
    • Click Yes when requested to allow the application to make changes to your gadget. 
    • When the cycle is finished, check the subscription data and affirm on the off chance that it is precise.
    Check on the McAfee Activate website

    • For the situation that the previously mentioned way doesn't work or there is an issue with the subscription data appeared, you can fix it by McAfee subscription fix device discover it through the McAfee site. 

    • Head to and Sign In with your current accreditations. 

    • Whenever you have signed in, go to My Account. 

    • Here, select the PC or gadget you wish to check the lapse date for. 

    • Your subscription data for that gadget will be shown, including the lapse date. 

    • You can likewise discover the expiry date of the McAfee item in the My Info tab on your McAfee Subscription on the PC. 

    • You ought to consistently confirm that the lapse date of the item for you coordinates with the one that appeared on the product. 

    • On the off chance that the data isn't synchronized, you can generally connect with client service to find support in such a manner.

    Thursday, January 21, 2021

    How to set up McAfee Sync Error 10053?

    McAfee Antivirus is a trusted antivirus solution and is used by thousands of people all around the world for its world-class security features. Regrettably, you might periodically encounter a few errors that can prevent the optimal functioning of the program. Here's a manual on how you can solve it:


    Scan the Machine

    The first thing that you should try when you see that a McAfee antivirus program trigger McAfee Repository Sync mistake 10053 is to conduct the full scan of your machine. Follow the following steps to do so:

    • Press the Start button on your PC and discover the command prompt.
    • Kind and conduct the control"SFC/scannow".
    • Allow the disc cleaner to run the scan on your system and find some issues.

    Delete Junk Files

    Something else which could help eliminate the McAfee Repository Sync mistake 10053 is depriving your device of all crap or temporary files that might be hogging up the disc space unnecessarily.

    • Press down the windows and also the R keys simultaneously. Doing this will open the Run box.
    • From the Run box, type the command"prefetch" or"%temp%".
    • Click on Okay to run the control.
    • From the emerging set of files, choose the people which you would like to delete it.
    • Eventually, click on the Play button to get rid of all the undesirable side and trash files from your system.

    Make Changes in the Windows Registry

    Some times, the mc-afee error code 10053 could be resolved in the event that you can change the error related documents from the Windows registry altogether. This is how you can make changes in the registry to fix the malfunction:

    • Press the launch button on your own Windows PC.
    • Open up the command prompt.
    • Once the Windows registry is open, look over the list and pick the error 10053 related entrances.
    • Export them all and save them into a folder names error.

    Get Support From Customer Support

    In the case that your issue is still not resolved even after taking all the steps mentioned above, you will get in touch with the customer the support team at the mc-afee trigger. Simplifies your battle with the error 10053 and they will lead you through what the root of the problem could be and how you're able to fix it to acquire your product up and running onto your own apparatus once more.