Monday, May 17, 2021

Is McAfee Safe Connect an antivirus product?

McAfee Safe Connect is not an antivirus product. It does not protect and scan your devices from malware and viruses. For antivirus protection, you can alternatively consider installing one of other products, like LiveSafe or Total Protection.

Does McAfee Safe Connect stop internet browsers or other apps from logging in? What should you do?

A VPN doesn't prevent your device's different applications from functioning as expected. For example: 

  • Your web program will keep on following your perusing exercises, and stores reserved information when McAfee Safe Connect is on. 
  • Your device's record-sharing applications keep on logging associations as documents are transferred or downloaded. 

NOTE: You can prevent your program from catching this kind of information by changing to a cryptic 'in secret mode.

Why should you install McAfee Safe Connect?

If you utilize public Wi-Fi for your device in places like airports and coffee shops, you stand vulnerable to several threats like password ‘cracking’ and ‘middlemen’ attacks. Hackers employ such attacks to ‘tune in’ to all the connections made to a public Wi-Fi source. They try to pinch off your private data. Private data includes sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details, and bank details.

For plugging such theft right from the source, McAfee Safe Connect encrypts all your virtual data for making it cyber-attack-proof. This security measure could translate to cybercriminals' inability at tracking your online activity or capture your private information.

Which devices can McAfee Safe Connect support?

  • Android
    • Devices running Android 4.4 and later
    • The device must not have root access.
  • iOS
    • Devices running iOS 9.0 and later
    • The device must not have a jailbreaking facility.
  • Windows
    • Windows 8.x, 10.x

McAfee VPN products’ Virtual Locations enable you to access geo-restricted information.

McAfee VPN products come with:

  • or iOS, Windows, and Android: McAfee Safe Connect.
  • In McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe: McAfee VPN.
  • McAfee Wi-Fi Guard: McAfee Mobile Security for iOS and Android
  • McAfee Security – the new privacy and security app from McAfee

For instance, depending on your geographical location, the accessibility of country A’s content may differ in Country B. However, with McAfee’s VPN products, you can conceal your virtual location to appear as if you are operating your device in Country A. Thus, you can now access the website you previously could not view.


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